Towards better learning

Does your expertise require refreshing? We offer a wide range of educational opportunities in support of strengthening the knowledge of your staff.

  • Events: We organize seminars and morning sessions where you have chance to meet colleagues, share best practices and learn about current topics
  • Customized F2F training packages: Do you need training of a certain topic for the all staff or a new employee? Our experts lectures on current issues reach the audience easily, irrespective of location. We monitor changes in regulatory requirements and keep you informed continuously. Ask us also to update your knowledge and skills up to date!
  • E-learning: Come and start the usage of the new educational landscape with us! Online training, webinars and e-learning are modern and effective solutions for a wide variety of training and learning needs and skills development.


We have training packages on various topics to facilitate the performance of full-staff training in documented, example PV-, GDP- and GMP/GDP-training. Medicinevillage is a new, ingenious e-learning tool that helps you to keep your staff up-to-date. Current language versions in PV-training: English, Finnish, German, French and Russian, in GDP-training: Finnish and English and in GDP/GMP-training: English.

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